• Somewhere Over the Rainbow...

    These past few months have been such a whirlwind of wedding planning. Jason and I got engaged on June 7th and immediately set a wedding date of October 5th (4 months, I know! eek!). What I've always invisioned is a hand-crafted wedding. An outdoor ceremony with beautiful views surrounded by all of our friends and family... and that is exactly what we had. It may not have been what our family expected from a "traditional" wedding stand point, but it was ours and we loved every detail. Below is a little preview of our modern southern wedding.

    Once the date was set, I got to work on our wedding stationary. I love designing - whether it's a living space or birthday invitations for my best friend's kids. I find such joy in creating new things. 

    Mixing patterns is a great way to add interest and customize your look. The plaid and floral patterns we chose really set the tone for the rest of the wedding details. The illustration of Jason and I on our main invite was done by our great friend, Janet Yi. We worked together at a large corporate office and she used to leave post its on my work station with her fun doodles. We actually have many of her post it drawings framed in our apartment and it just seemed right that she leave her special mark on our wedding.  

    After the invitations came the decor. Jason is not a DIY kind of guy. I mean, he's handy and is perfectly capable of DIY projects - he would just rather pay someone else to do it. After perusing pinterest (which I thought was going to kill me at one point), I saw a couple of projects using coffee filters and was immediately hooked. We were planning to have the ceremony under an arch of old oak trees and needed something to hang to create a backdrop. How hard could it be to dip dye and string up 4,000 coffee filters?

    To be honest, it wasn't hard... but it was so SO SO time consuming, and after a 10 hour workday the last thing we wanted to do was come home and sit on the floor for hours stringing up handfulls of coffee filters onto baking twine - but we did and it was totally worth it. 

    All of our chalkboard signage was done by my one of my best friends, Ashley Neely (isn't she amazing?!). She did signs for our guest sign in table, dessert table, s'more station and ceremony. 

    DIY Garter Set:

    All of the cakes and most of the desserts were made by my super talented sister, Morgan. She worked so hard and did such an amazing job - everything was beyond what we had even imagined.

    Here is our handmade cake topper using Janet's drawings and illustrated by Jason. This was one of my most favorite details! We made it using a heavyweight card stock and skewers.

    By this point, you can probably see that I'm not one for the "traditional" wedding style. When choosing wedding party attire we went for a mix and match look versus the standard matchy-matchy look (not that there's anything wrong with that, it's just not how I roll). The red was also a pretty bold choice, but with a background full of natural green and brown tones we needed something that would make a statement.

    The ladies were beautiful and the gents were equally as handsome. For the girls, I chose Eshakti for the dresses. All I did was choose a color and they each chose a dress that suited their own style and personality. We purchased bowties and handkerchiefs from Tommy Hilfiger for all of the guys and they chose their own matching shirt and navy suit. Since Jason loves to wear funky patterend socks, we though it would be fun to get the guys each a pair to wear for the wedding. It was adorable and a huge hit.

    For bridesmaid favors I made California/Alabama etched mason jars and "no ugly crying" embroidered handkerchiefs. It definitely helps to have a friend with access to an embroidery machine, but you can hand stitch them (if you have the time) or have one of those companies that do logo's on shirts or hats do it for a small fee (I think the one I sourced in town was $7 per hanky). The love bracelets are from  on etsy. I even had her make a rose gold "Mrs." bracelet to match my wedding ring.

    There were plenty of hiccups along the way - which is to be expected when planning such a large event in such a short amont of time... but I wouldn't trade it for the world. It was truly the best day ever.

    Our wedding wouldn't have turned out quite as lovely without all of the help provided by our wonderful friends and family - and amazing vendors. All of their hard work made this day so special for us. We are tryly blessed to have such an amazing support group of friends and family.

    Wedding Details:

    All professional photos were taken by Mr. Gregory Bettis
    Flowers by the lovely Sarah Beth's Florist
    Amazing reception entertainment by The River City Hit Squad
    Venue Oak Hollow Farm
    Videography by ProjectMEDIA
    Ceremony and first dance music by the wonderfully talented Mr. Jacob Rongey  (Processional, "Somewhere Over the Rainbow". Recessional, "Buona Sera" by Louis Prima.)
    Delicious desserts and beautiful first dance song by my multi-talented sister, Morgan Ellis
    Chalkboard signs & Bridesmaids handkerchiefs by Ashley Ost Neely 
    Bridesmaids dresses: Eshakti
    Groomsmen attire: bowties and  handkerchiefs from Tommy Hilfiger
    DIY's: coffee filter ceremony backdrop, garter set, bridal party gifts, wedding stationary.

    *A huge thank you to my wonderful husband for putting up with and helping me through every do-it-yourself project that I thought up along the way*